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Social Media is now an accepted essential part of a business’s marketing strategy, regardless of the size of the business.

Twitter is an excellent platform for connecting with both existing and potential customers and clients.

Although most Social Media is primarily free to use, it is time consuming, hard work, and if done poorly can be at best ineffective and at worst damaging to the business.

#Northeasthour is a twice weekly networking hour on Twitter which aims to connect local businesses, charities, groups and individuals and also to help to raise the profile of those people to a dedicated local audience.

@northeasthour currently has 30k followers and @helensarmstrong 18k followers.

In between the specific networking hours, the @NorthEastHour account retweets local accounts on request and generally and engages with local accounts.

One of the earliest networking hours, it is now generally accepted as the biggest, most influential networking hour in the country and attracts a huge amount of attention. The hashtag has an average weekly reach of 25 million accounts and has won awards/accolades for its success. There are many imitators and supporters both locally and from outside the region, and even those who don’t actively use Twitter have heard of it.

Having started in August 2012, the concept has operated almost exclusively on the Twitter platform thus far. With its popularity and brand awareness continuing to grow in strength, the website will bring the concept of #Northeasthour as a brand to an even broader audience and with a more permanent message.

#Northeasthour is THE voice of the region and the website will allow it to become the effective hub for all things North East, from products, services, and businesses, to causes, communities, events and opportunities.